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Healthy Hearts
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      Healthy Lives

The Wellspring Healing centre is a not for profit Christian organisation within the community to host and encompass holistic wellbeing. The vision of the centre is to provide a safe place where people can come and receive support, care and teaching in the areas of healing and holistic wellbeing - body, soul and spirit. Covering programs on Inner healing and transformation to empower each person in discovering wholeness in every area of their life.

By providing a safe, nurturing environment where everyone who attends can rest, feel loved and supported. Empowering people to grow in finding truth, healing and transformation through teaching Gods word and principles that equip and enable them in their daily lives.


What We Do

  • Weekly teaching programs

  • Women's weekly workshops

  • Healing seminars and conferences

  • One on one coaching + group coaching

  • Connection and support

  • Prayer ministry

  • Specialist help and referring people to receive professional counselling as needed

  • Yearly conferences and special events for women and men

  • Retreats for women

*For ages 18 years plus


All of these above are for the benefit of providing avenues of our growth and personal development

Our Core Beliefs




Our core values and beliefs within the ministry we serve at the Wellspring Healing centre.

  • We are a Christian organisation (non-denominational), that aims to provide training programs that focus on inner health and wellbeing, incorporating support, care management, referral to professional care as required.

  • ​​We do this through teaching principles of the bible in our weekly programs, as well as specific wellbeing topics, prayer ministry, one on one support, life coaching programs, retreats and yearly conferences. Teaching topics themed around inner healing and transformation, mental and emotional wellbeing and faith and spiritual wellbeing.


  • We believe Gods word is the very source of life and hope for all people. We believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and sent to save and redeem, heal the broken hearted and bring freedom.


  • We accept and love all people as God loves all people. Salvation is for all, as is healing part of the redemption through Jesus Christ.


  • We provide a safe place where people can be nurtured, empowered and supported in their Christian faith and beliefs.


  • LOVE is the greatest commandment, and this is our model of life in serving others.


  • It is only through Christ’s love and grace and not of our own strength that we offer hope and care. Our aim is to love, tend and nurture bring support, train, empower and allow others to grow as they desire in their own faith journey. Each person’s journey is their own and we show no judgement or partiality.


  • We do not propose to be healers in and of ourselves, we offer care support and professional referrals as required.


  • Disclaimer Every individual is responsible for attending Wellspring at their own risk and are responsible to seek professional doctors and therapists as needed for their own benefit, health and wellbeing.

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