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Paula Connelly

Paula has a passion to coach and inspire others to have success in their everyday lives. With over 30 years in business and 20 years in Christian ministry and leadership, speaking, coaching and as the Director of the Wellspring Healing centre.

Over many years as a coach, speaker and writer Paula’s love of helping others find complete wellbeing and health in their hearts has stemmed from her own healing journey. After going through a time of chronic fatigue and laying everything down she had to navigate a whole new way of living and being, finding rest and healing in her heart was the beginning of a whole new way of living from the inside out.

Her first biography tells of her intimate story of the challenges and overcoming fear and finding healing and wholeness through her faith and the principles in Gods word.


Her mission is to empower others to go from strength to strength in discovering life principles in the word of God and daily habits that bring

Healthy hearts, healthy minds and healthy lives – Everyday!


‘As a visionary leader helping people ‘SEE’ their lives as whole, healed and well, requires a clear focus on holistic health and wellness- body, soul and spirit.’ 

Paula has completed both her certificate 4 in life coaching and business coaching with the Australian Life Coaching Academy.

To connect with Paula for a free coaching consultation click here.


Paula and Graeme have been married for 34 years as well as in business and ministry for over 30 years and love the adventure of their lives together. They have three incredible adult children and happily live in country Victoria Australia.

They travel internationally ministering the message of hope and healing to nations partnering with other ministries and missions in Asia, Africa, France and wherever the doors open.

The Wellspring Healing centre is connected to their business and they consider both to be of equal importance in building the kingdom of God.

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