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Discovering wellbeing is about looking at every area of our life: body soul and spirit. Through her recipes
from the heart, in It Is Well, Paula Connelly takes us on her journey of faith, healing and wellbeing.
From a life of stress, burn out and fatigue, Paula found new ways of wellness, including:
• the power of rest
• having healthy mindsets
• healthy eating habits
• renewing strength daily
• PLUS her recipes include gluten, dairy and sugar free options
‘It is well’ – three simple words that grabbed her attention one day and took her on a journey of seeking out
and discovering God’s way of wellbeing. No matter what your health situation may be, God has a plan to
prosper your life.
Through the chapters of It Is Well and the everyday recipes from the heart, you will discover transformation
from the inside out. The recipes shared are some of Paula’s favourite and will help you navigate a whole and
balanced healthy eating lifestyle.
Most of all, the Word of God is medicine to our souls, bringing life and
illumination, renewing our minds and guiding us on the path of complete
wellbeing. There is nothing more exciting than living in God’s abundance and
fi nding a prosperous life. May ‘it is well’ be the words that you fi nd arising and
igniting in your heart each day. A life of health is wealth and it begins from the
heart. Start your journey today.

It Is Well - Recipes From The Heart (Soft Cover)

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